A New View On Cycling

07/02/2009 16:31 by Amsterdamize

Before venturing into town today, I borrowed my dad’s camera, a Nikon D70, three awesome lenses included. For the camera geeks among you: 18-70mm, 28-200mm, 70-300mm.

As I’m a bloke, I went straight for the last one. Ok, also because I wanted to give myself more time, a bigger window of opportunity to capture scenes that usually are out of my compact camera’s reach.

I won’t bore you with how I approached my subjects or fiddled with the buttons…because I didn’t. I just put it on automatic and let this SLR work its magic. Every now and then I would rewind and see what I had shot, already amazed, but only after loading them up to my computer I could really appreciate the sheer brilliance of this machine. ‘Holy cow’ and ‘No way’ are only a few of the things I uttered.

My dad heard them too and was happy I liked it so much, so he wanted me to have it.

Being a bicycle nut certainly is rewarding.

Speaking of nuts…there are 157 pictures in the ‘Humanity In Motion’ photo set. Or see below and toggle for full screen viewing. If you have the time, that is ;).

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