Cycle Chic Trains

12/02/2009 23:16 by Amsterdamize

Every time I enter (or leave, for that matter) Utrecht riding to work, I pass through Wilhelmina Park. It’s not big, but it’s nice. The days have been cold and wet this week, but this morning it was starting to clear up.

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One thing that stands out (for me, at least) in Wilhelmina Park is that beautiful curvy bike lane, enabling people to cross the park, making it a popular short cut. Very popular.

When I stopped to try and catch the light of the emerging sun, I was hit. Hit by what I will now call Cycle Chic Trains. Hundreds and hundreds of people riding in line, at quite a pace, approaching from a busy roundabout (with bike lane) and crossing the street (right of way over approaching car traffic) and steering into the park. Or exiting. Either way, the combination of the frost, the sun and these people in motion was too tempting not to take time for.

Give or take a few isolated pics, I tried to capture that with depth and off-center focus. I think they came out well. I also think these people started their work day as well as I did.

My favorites sequence:

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