When In Rome...

23/07/2009 20:15 by Amsterdamize

Walk, no, stride like the locals do and act like you meant to turn into yet another cute little alley way to discover its hidden treasures.

Roma - la città e la sua gente
At least once a day, make sure you sit down for one form or the other of antipasti. Perfecto as an excuse for people-watching and recharging for the next round on the lungomare.

Roma - la città e la sua gente

Roma - su due ruote
Take your time to spot and appreciate all types of stylish urban creatures emerging from all the little cracks of the city.

Roma - su due ruote

Roma - su due ruote Roma - su due ruote

Roma - su due ruote

Roma - su due ruote

Roma - città d'amore
Don’t feel bad about not having pedaled those vibrant streets yourself, as you can still consider yourself fortunate (and a little bit of a Roman) to have cruised around on that other set of wheels.

After all, you’re on vacation in not just any old ‘città d’amore‘. Regardless of bella gente sulle biciclette.

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