Riding Bikes With The Dutch [Update]

19/08/2009 21:26 by Amsterdamize

Every once in a while I have some catching up to do with what’s happening in the vlogosphere. I’m in the middle of writing a guest post for Curbside Cycle in Toronto, but I probably get to finish that tomorrow and meanwhile I wanted to post at least something interesting.

So, here you have it, a trailer video posted by Californian Michael W. Bauch of everydaybike.com in early May of this year, called ‘Riding Bikes With The Dutch’.

I quote:

Welcome, Come Along for the Ride
The first time I stepped off the train in Amsterdam I was literally speechless. As soon as I set foot on the ground I was almost run over by a mob of bikes. I turned to look up and to my amazement there was a 3 level structure dedicated to just parking bicycles. Everyone from three years old to 93 seemed to be tooling around the city on two wheels. This was too much to take in with just my own eyes. I needed to share this with everyone I could and this is why I made my film: Riding Bikes with the Dutch.

The Dutch Get it
Bikes aren’t just for Lance Armstrong. You don’t have to have the latest carbon fiber frame and wear a spandex body suit to ride a bike…what a revelation.

Bicycling is a lifestyle – not just a race, a hobby, or the latest fashion craze.

Bikes aren’t just for kids. Adults can play too!

Cars treat bikes with respect. Cyclists are treated like real modes of transportation, not second class citizens.

Cities should be designed for people – not cars.

Bicycling infrastructure is a key part of the planning process for new construction, not an after thought.

It being a trailer obviously means there’s something to be released:

Anyone who has ever made a movie will tell you that it takes a lot of time & patience; no different here. With over 35 hours of raw footage the editing process has begun. I will let you know where you can see my movie and how you can buy my DVD when it is time.

I am aim to have more details for you in the coming months. So be patient, stay tuned, and keep riding…

Oh, I can relate, Michael, take all the time you need, I’ll be waiting. I’m a big sucker for bicycle film awesomeness :).

[Update] This just came in through the feeds from Pascal van den Noort of Vélo Mondial, which I think fits perfectly with this post:

New Amsterdam Bike Slam Part 2
Four hundred years after Henry Hudson’s arrival in Manhattan, two teams of Dutch and American planners & designers face off in a battle for the future of New York City transportation. Their challenge: find ways to bring NYC cycling up to the level of the Netherlands, the only country in the world with more bikes than people. The New Amsterdam Bike Slam is being organized in New Amsterdam (sometime also referred to as “New York City”) from 10-13 September 2009. It is an initiative of Amsterdam Cycling to Sustainability, produced by Vélo Mondial and Transportation Alternatives, with funding from Transumo and the City of Amsterdam. After three days of preparation, the New Amsterdam Bike Slam teams face off in a live debate “battle,” and compete to provide the most compelling vision for making lower Manhattan and Brooklyn a bicycling area on par with Amsterdam. The battle begins at 10:00 pm, followed by a late night dance party at the renowned Meatpacking District club, with DJ John Julius Knight. Full background on the program: newamsterdambikeslam.org.

Here are the posts New Amsterdam Bike Slam Part 1 and Part 3.

Nice work, Pascal! And a nice aside: my good friend Henry of Workcycles fame is one of the sponsors:

…The next morning at Battery Park, Mr. Job Cohen, Mayor of Amsterdam – one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world – will convey the prize to the winning team: free Dutch bicycles, courtesy of Workcycles.

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