Panda-Ize The World

28/08/2009 23:41 by Amsterdamize

I’m sitting here, going through tons of pictures, reorganizing, cleaning up, the works. This morning the summer seems to have come to an end, chilly, windy, you can just smell it, it’s over.

It’s been a great summer and an unbelievably good year for Amsterdamize, ever since I decided to expand on my cycling endeavors and day-to-day shenanigans in May 2008.

Browsing my pics I realized that over this period of time taking Panda Portraits has really grown on me. It started out here and it evolved beautifully & massively.

Well, I like to pay tribute to this summer, cycling and all you good people by asking you to submit your best Panda Portrait to Amsterdamize and I’ll make a fitting collage.

You don’t have one? Then go do one! Anything goes, as long as it’s a self-portrait, either of you on your bike or the perspective of you riding, put the bicycle that you love front and center, on the fly.

It’ll be fun, trust me. Cheers!

Now, if you’ll excuse me for the next few days, I have to organize my stuff for my move into my new house ;).

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