Fall Musings

07/10/2009 15:02 by Amsterdamize

Fall has taken a firm grip on Amsterdam, tossing and turning, unresolved on what to throw at its inhabitants, sometimes ruthlessly blowing or sprinkling deceivingly teasing rays.

One constant remains. People keep on pedaling. More than ever, apparently (more about that in the next post). Me, I’ve been going a new route. Something you get used to quite quickly. It only takes a few mornings to get a good feel of how traffic flows around you on certain streets that entail some squeezing. It is that organic thing. Everybody knows the ground rules, but it’s about how you make some up as you go, without being a nuisance to anyone. The unwritten rules are far more interesting. They are still rules. Rules of engagement and common sense. Because there will always be people around you more vulnerable than you.

In the end, these musings are all quite inconsequential, of course, but who isn’t experiencing melancholy this season, right? Then, you sit back, start a blog post and while typing away, you get informed on other things you take for granted, but aren’t exactly half bad. :)

Lastly, if you’ve been wondering what’s up with the quality of my pics lately, then you haven’t heard yet about my declining camera-karma of late, leaving me dependent on flipping out the phone camera. One more month left of looking desperately forward to the arrival of my new Nikon.

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