Conference Of Eight

28/10/2009 10:01 by Amsterdamize

Last Sunday I attended Henry’s annual (6th) “Bike, Beer & BBQ Party” and naturally all who attended arrived by bike. Contrary to international perceptions these bikes don’t all look the same. Hardly, far from it.

The bicycle parking in front of the Workcycles shop on Lijnbaansgracht showed a nice cross-section of Amsterdam’s individuality on two (or more) wheels, ranging from aging, often beat up but relentless classics, spray painted/decorated Oma’s, to home-made bakfietsen with internal sound systems. You could name it, or just make it up, it was there. Lovely to watch and appreciate as decor/backdrop for a splendid get-together of customers, friends, friends of friends and family.

I had just finished my first beer of the day when I was directed outside and asked to get on a bike. Sure, but what could be so special? I quickly found out.

Soon more bike party related information…

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