Seasonal Cycling [Video Update]

13/12/2009 23:25 by Amsterdamize

Christmas is approaching fast, the town has been lit up for a while now and many among us are shopping accordingly. One item in particular is hard to overlook while cycling through Amsterdam.

And have a good laugh about just riding off with it. Lumberjack-style.

Oh heck, and let’s throw in a few from a year ago for good measure.

Special Cargo

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Now let’s look ahead and hope for the current cold spell to deliver on its promises…

2008's Last Moves

Ps, Marjon, I think your latest addition would be the perfect xmas card.

Bicycle tree 2009

UPDATE: Drooderfiets submitted this little nugget, I edited it up and felt it would fit best with this post. Thanks!

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