Talking To David Hembrow

27/12/2009 10:16 by Amsterdamize

Mike Rubbo from Sit-up Cycle, who’s recent video interview with Mikael Colville-Andersen made waves on the internets, posted another great video (check the whole post, it’s a good read too) with David Hembrow of A View From The Cycle Path, now a household name in the world of cycle blogs.

David is actually a Brit. who moved to the Netherlands with his family for the better bike infrastructure, which he now enjoys and makes wicker bike baskets too.

If David has a fault, it’s his constant posting of the Dutch as such paragons of bike lane building, etc. It makes you just feel like giving up in a country like Australia.

I’ve told David this, but he can’t stop. How could you in a country with 29,000 kms. of cycle paths? It’s sickening.

Anyway, my wish is to interview all the great bike bloggers of the world. With no grants, that’s a probably an impossible dream.

In the meantime, I’ve been using a young videographer, Violeta Brana-Lafourcade, who’s super economical, to go places for me, and to film interviews, which she’s done with flair.

Now, here’s what Violeta sent me on David Hembrow. I hope you like; Talking to David Henbrow. Do leave a comment. It’s mainly about Sit-up bikes which I see as the key to change here.

Thousand will say the type of bike does not matter much, but are they right? Here’s David.

Oh, and here’s the whole video of cycling in the Netherlands in the 1950’s that was used in Mike’s video.

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