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04/02/2010 12:59 by Amsterdamize

Today I received an e-mail telling me I've won the Bicycle Mania Photo Contest. It won't come as a surprise when I tell you this really made my day. A bit of background information on Bicycle Mania (via Bakfiets-en-meer):
Every fan and promoter of urban cycling simply needs a copy of Shirley Agudo’s “Bicycle Mania”. You can regard it as a photo book, with probably the best collection of Dutch cycling photos ever assembled. Even as an Amsterdam resident and amateur(ish) photographer I marvel at the shots in these pages. Have a peek at a few examples here at the Eduard Planting gallery. But “Bicycle Mania” goes much deeper. The photos are accompanied by well-informed and thoughtfully written text covering in sections covering the how and why the Dutch have achieved (and continue to build upon) the world’s best of nearly everything in transportation cycling: broad popularity, amazing infrastructure, safety, fun and pure variety on wheels. The text is in both English and Dutch, handy learning for those anglophiles who want to delve deeper into Dutch cycling culture than English can take you. Numerous authorities are interviewed, hyperbole and abuse of statistics is thankfully avoided and and it’s just a good read. In a nutshell: Recommended.
The photo I entered: 'Family Cycle Train', from the photo set 'Saturday Cycle Modes'. Family Cycle Train As of today 'Family Cycle Train' is displayed in the window of The American Book Center in Amsterdam (Spui 12) and The Hague (Lange Poten 23). It will also be published in the next issue of The XPat Journal magazine (March 2010). And of course the grand prize: a special edition Workcycles Secret Service and a copy of the book Bicycle Mania. I will read the book and Lauren will ride the bike ;). It really made my day. Honored and proud. I think I will make one or two stops downtown and in the Jordaan today :). Update: you gotta love the internetz, @IkbendAF (a contact on Twitter) already went by the store and took this picture: My photo on display at The American Book Center in Amsterdam Not only did Shirley Agudo's book beat me to the punch, now a fan does too ;). Disclosure: as you know I have a close relationship with Workcycles, call it 'a fan, based on customer experience, but Henry was not on the jury, he 'just' sponsored this contest.

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