Amsterdam Urbanites

15/03/2010 15:38 by Amsterdamize

One of the many perks of living in Amsterdam: you can stop anytime, anywhere and analyze what mood your fellow-urbanites are in. Made extraordinarily easy by the simple fact that most of them move by bicycle. Urbanites Carelessly adjusting his faulty front fender Urbanites In a different world all together... Urbanites Urbanites It's obvious her mood is a-ok & this woman's heels and rolled up pants tell me she eagerly awaits springtime Urbanites He rose up and saluted me with a nice 'yoooo!!' I guess bicycle bloggers are cool in his book :). Urbanites One proud Amsterdammer...or he just has lots on his mind. Poetry, perhaps? Jungle Junction Dreary faces on a dreary day while getting up to speed Jungle Junction Jungle Junction Jungle Junction The side saddle hop in action. A smile when I was spotted by the rider... Jungle Junction ...and this time by the passenger while hopping on again, crossing the junction. Jungle Junction Jungle Junction Her friend concurs & I get a nice smile once again...I must be doing something right :) Jungle Junction Leaning into it, always fun Jungle Junction Jungle Junction Mom side saddling with her daughter, going somewhere, stylishly & others from A to B, looking more purposeful with shoulder bags. Urbanites And last but not least, meet Wander, he recognized me as the proprietor of Amsterdamize and stopped to talk to me, too cool. We talked blog, pictures and the joy of cycling in Amsterdam, the last being evident here ;). Great to meet you, Wander!

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