One Step Away

19/03/2010 14:52 by Amsterdamize

It's that time again to talk folklore. On Sunday [March 20] the calendar will officially say it's springtime and we'll do the 1-hour-skip a week later. Whatever. In NL, that's as reliable as ... the weather. As you've seen, we were fortunate to have already bagged a few beautiful sunny days. Just as much as this winter's hardship came as a total surprise, we know better than to rely on either a few atmospheric signs and/or what the weatherman tells us. A far more entertaining indicator of what's to come are women riding bicycles. Spring Prelude Fiets, Fiets, Fiets Spring Prelude The last week showed us a few small hints (see pics above), we're all waiting for Rokjesdag [(Short) Skirt Day]. Equally random, Rokjesdag will just happen, we don't know when. By the looks of it, it can't be far off. And by 'happen' I mean that the majority of women wear dresses and skirts, bare legged. Sure, they will graciously occupy the sidewalk, but you really know The Day has come when they whoosh passed you left and right, en masse, on bicycles. After all, you look [even] better on a bike. You can count on me keeping you posted...for merely statistical & sociological purposes, of course, as it's an established phenomenon in civilized cycle countries :). Spring Prelude

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