A Place In The Sun

22/03/2010 12:41 by Amsterdamize

Sunday being a day of doing little to nothing after a few nights of celebrating social occasions, the spring weather at some point lures you to relocate your lazy self outdoors. Accompanied by the lovely Daniela (riding Camilla, of course) I slowly cycled to The Blue Tea House in Vondelpark and we found our place in the sun on a crowded terrace. A Place In The Sun Another strong kind of 'culture' in Amsterdam and quite a sweet spot, photography-wise, for a bike blogger. I Believe I Can Fly I believe I can fly Catered & Cared For Catered & cared for Sunday Cycle Chic Sunday Cycle Chic </winter>? Start Young Circle of life: March 7, 2009 & March 21, 2010 Bike Hugger Another bike hugger Oh, Where To Go Oh, where to go So Much To See So much to see Unlock And Go Locking & Going For A Run Unlock and go & locking and going for a run Looking To Meetup On Treasure Island Looking to meetup on Treasure Island K9x2 Snooze Engage K9x2 & snooze & engage Wandering Mind Wandering mind Rush Rush Talking Up A Storm Talking up a storm How was your Sunday?

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