Shout Out To Munt Thee

23/03/2010 11:00 by Amsterdamize

Yesterday I stumbled upon another Amsterdam blogger, Sarah at (mint tea). In particular, her words of devotion to this city's (bicycle) culture:
Amsterdam has often been titled the Bike Capital of the World with 40% of all traffic movements by bicycle. The ubiquity of bicycles lined up against every building and the number of cyclists on the road is probably the most unique element of this city. The bicycle is a part of the Dutch identity and Amsterdam truly embraces bike culture. When I first moved here, I was so amazed by all the different types of cyclists riding in this town. It is fascinating seeing whole families being carried on one bike or people moving their furniture on the back of their bikes. The bicycle is by far my favorite part of living in Amsterdam. So, inspired by this bike culture along with the coolest blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic, I have decided to post weekly photos of the interesting bikers in this city. This first picture was taken when I first moved to Amsterdam. She is out of focus but this is a little girl riding alone with her teddy bear in Vondelpark. I can’t handle the cuteness of this city sometimes.
Of course I welcomed her :-p and today I looked a bit further. Turns out Sarah is a filmmaker and motion graphics designer from Japan & Texas (images of samurai westerns jumpstarted my imagination) and moved here last summer. I don't know what it is, but for some odd reason there's always a connection between the simple act of cycling and artistic/creative people...wonder why that, I don't, but I was ready to find the proof in the pudding. Sure enough, going through her show reel, I found a video called '(One month in) Amsterdam'. Now, things coming to conclusion, I figured 'Amsterdam' would be a must-watch. I was right: Looking forward to more, Sarah, consider me a fan!

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