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06/04/2010 23:03 by Amsterdamize

Easter Monday, a bank holiday. Unwinding from family festivities, life in the city is almost back to normal. Traffic is low...well, car traffic that is. Life on two wheels is as bubbly as any other day. Places To Go I think I know what color she painted her Easter egg... Places To Go Places To Go A tourist tripping on a tandem cruiser & a cycliste locale Places To Go Other tourists going quadruple Cycle Chic Places To Go Places To Go Out and about with the kids or just going to see a friend Places To Go Time for teaching life lessons Places To Go Shopping and walking the dog go well together Places To Go Places To Go She who is called 'Dances With Hair' Places To Go Much better Places To Go Places To Go Easy, there! Places To Go Blueish Tunes Places To Go She can't wait to unpack

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