GiroMania. Life On Two Wheels Goes On.

29/05/2010 12:32 by Amsterdamize

Alert. Old post draft coming to life. Hiya, good people, how have you been. Thank you, I've been good, too. Lots has happened since the last Amsterdamize entry, but we'll cover that, one post at a time. First: just before I took off for Florida & NOLA earlier this month, the Giro d'Italia had taken over the city. Lots of anticipation, promotions, fun & games, and of course the mandatory cutting-the-city-in-half-and-walling-it-off. 'Cutting it in half' actually applied to the streets as well, one half for the lycra-boys & girls, the other available to visitors and Amsterdammers, going about their way. Giromania Giromania Giromania  Giromania A curious peek Giromania 'Niet normaal' | 'Not normal' I think it's safe to say the people of Amsterdam weren't more (or less) thrilled about the Giro than any other event hitting the city (and there are many). They'd stop and glance here and there, sure. But I observed many who more interested in the time the fences would open than in anything else. Giromania Level of lycra sky-rocketed that day, obviously Giromania Giromania You can call it blasé and I will say that Amsterdam is spoiled in that regard. Of course an event like this is good for the city, promotion, tourism, etc. You'd think that this being a bicycle event in the Netherlands, the Dutch would be lining up to see it. Nope. Along the route I think there was an average of two rows of spectators. Saying it was more would be pushing it. In any case, the bike parade (by locals) was the highlight of the Prologue. Yeah, well, what can I say, I'm an Amsterdammer. The real reason I actually captured this parade, is that I wanted to cross this street to attend the Bicycle Film Festival in Tuschinski, but couldn't. The little time I had left when I got there was fun enough, seeing some familiar faces, aka fellow Dutch bike lovers. Giromania Giromania But alas, I had a dinner party to go to. Parking my bike there, I was greeted by yet another balloon, this one tied to a scooter. Oh, if only... Giromania

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