A Bit Of Florida, A Whole Lotta NOLA

03/07/2010 14:27 by Amsterdamize

Alright, time to catch up, shall we? In May I flew to Florida to spend quality time with Lauren & her family and attend a friend's wedding in New Orleans. Obviously, Florida was hot and humid, a matter of moving slowly, balance your air conditioning, so to speak. I had the opportunity to bike around, be it in a resort-like beach area, very private, so nothing eventful to report, when you consider the short routes to the beach. BikeFlorida BikeFlorida Leaving this area meant switching to a car. Urban sprawl, huge sprawl of course. On the move, I did spot a few locals going about on two wheels. Emphasis on 'few'. I didn't envy them, but as it goes with locals, I'm glad it made sense to them. Little glitters of gold in an ocean of metal boxes. BikeFlorida BikeFlorida BikeFlorida Naturally, my New Orleans experience & observations were quite different, walking around in this vibrant & characteristic city. BikeNOLA Laid-back, colorful, entertaining, never a dull moment, I'm sure you've heard it all. Well, as with many other cities, there's more to it than meets the eye, a vibe you can't entirely put your finger on. I sure couldn't, being there for just a few days (not counting that one day in 1992), but I felt it going round every corner. Little & longer encounters, the details of local customs, the friendliness, the smells and more, much more. I'll let the pictures serve as what they are, mere glimpses into a rich urban culture that I can't wait to return to. BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA BikeNOLA The wedding party was equally fun & interesting :). PS: can someone please finally fix this water management problem in NOLA? Just one night of heavy rain blanketed the entire city. Thanks a bunch. NOLA people deserve much better than this. (And let's not even get into the whole BP debacle..)

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