Jammin' On A Bike In Amsterdam

01/08/2010 21:12 by Amsterdamize

I just had a most chillin' Sunday, joining friends at the Appelsap HipHop Festival in Oosterpark in the eastern part of Amsterdam, enjoying some good munchin' and good...well, let's just say at some point somebody put Stevie Wonder on, but generally just extremely relaxed, and half the city seemed to have gathered there. Halfway dinner (mussels, yum!) I got a text message from one good friend of mine, Wiendelt, asking me whether I had checked another friend's Facebook page yet, in this case Gabe's. Of course I hadn't, and couldn't resist, so I checked... Suffice to say, I love it when friends get together, whip out their guitar and camera, and have a good laugh. Totally jammin', making my day truly complete!

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