Click, Click, Click. And Repeat.

26/09/2010 08:13 by Amsterdamize

Nearly nothing beats going around town running errands & meeting up with people at a relaxed pace, with all the time on your hand to stop, observe and click away. Click, click, click, click. And repeat. Overtaking Is Torture Overtaking can be torturous. Any Other (Sun)Day Couples stick together. Any Other (Sun)Day Any Other (Sun)Day Families on the move. Any Other (Sun)Day A little help. Maarten Any Other (Sun)Day Maarten took some action shots of me taking bike action shots, for a feature (interview) in the Cyclists Union magazine 'Vogelvrije Vrije Fietser' with little ol' me, which will appear in the Oct/Nov issue. Any Other (Satur)Day Take your time. Any Other (Satur)Day Any Other (Satur)Day Residential cycling & parking. Any Other (Satur)Day Beach cruiser a la Hollandaise. Any Other (Satur)Day Some think it's quite warm... Any Other (Satur)Day While others basically think winter has arrived. Any Other (Satur)Day SIM. Any Other (Satur)Day Grimace. Any Other (Satur)Day Gotta have a hobby. Any Other (Satur)Day Chit/chat. Any Other (Satur)Day It's green. Any Other (Satur)Day The abundance of the sun. Any Other (Satur)Day 'This tram is powered by green electricity'. Any Other (Satur)Day The Palace. Any Other (Satur)Day Cross talk. Any Other (Satur)Day Any Other (Satur)Day Alert: man with hat & wind beneath your hair. Any Other (Satur)Day Rembrandt Corner. Any Other (Satur)Day Green Miles. Any Other (Satur)Day Any Other (Satur)Day Mr Cool & Mrs Doubt. Any Other (Satur)Day I think he's happy with his new bike. Any Other (Satur)Day Occupied. Any Other (Satur)Day Mr. Hipster. Any Other (Satur)Day Any Other (Satur)Day She's my personal favorite Flower Lady & even locals appreciate her bike when she parks it. Any Other (Satur)Day Ride along with dad. Any Other (Satur)Day Eye contact & a 'hi' soon after. Any Other (Satur)Day Chit/Chat Second opinion & chit/chat. Any Other (Satur)Day Nice light. The Headshop Any Other (Satur)Day The Headshop & Reach Out. Any Other (Satur)Day Any Other (Satur)Day A Dutch circus act & sunny sms. Any Other (Satur)Day Nice fella, that was meant for me. Any Other (Satur)Day Any Other (Satur)Day Amsterdammers DO hand signals & autumn chic colors. Red In RLD And back in the Red Light District, this fella's bike nicely matches the backdrop. Which is silly to say, as they all do in Amsterdam.

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