25/10/2010 12:41 by Amsterdamize

I started using the iPhone app 'Instagram' recently, as I like adding flavor to the usually poor quality of photos I (literally) shoot on the fly. It's an iPhone 3GS after all, not enough pixels :). Anyhoo, it's time to share them on the blog. Subway 'Subway' Cold Now This Is Red 'Cold' & 'Red' Four Cops 'Four Cops - two types of horses' A Woman's Best Friend Cowboy 'A Woman's Best Friend' & 'Cowboy' Headwind 'Headwind' Go / Mobile Task 'Go / Mobile' Coffee To Go 'Coffee To Go' Gimme Shelter Fatigue 'Gimme Shelter' & 'Fatigue' cIJcling 'cIJcling' Fun Warm Feet 'Fun' & 'Warm Feet' Scarfs & Hats Are Back 'Scarfs & Hats Are Back' Wait On The Side 'Wait' & 'On The Side' Stroll 'Stroll' Corn On The Cob Cheese & Meats 'Corn On The Cob' & 'Cheese & Meats' Done Shopping, Calling Home 'Done Shopping, Calling Home' Any requests, guys & dolls?

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