The Year Of The Bike Heist

30/01/2011 12:44 by Amsterdamize

Information I wanted to share with you weeks ago, so here's a copy-paste:

Hey, my name is Curtis, I'm a film director from Canada. In the summer I worked on a film called 'The Bike Heist' we shot in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The central theme of the film is bicycles and friendship. We our currently releasing promotional teasers every month or so until the release this summer (2011). Our best marketing tool is word of mouth, telling friends, blogs etc. Then they tell more people and so on, you get the idea. We have been featured on a couple bicycle blogs so far, but would greatly appreciate your support also. The website for the film is and perhaps you can make a post on your blog or even embed the teaser. I would appreciate your support and it certainly is for a greater cause. Long live cycling.

I'm riding right with ya, Curtis, thanks for making and sharing The Bike Heist! Dear readers, followers, subscribers: share, embed, link to, RT, syndicate away


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