Putting A Face On Cycling: Interaction

04/02/2011 21:42 by Amsterdamize

Let me pick up where I left off a few posts ago. Adjusting my lens a bit, zooming in, focus. Scene 1. Setting: (again) Skinny Bridge over the river Amstel. Topic: interaction. It starts with the top photo: Mother & daughter chatting up a storm, having a laugh. All In An Afternoon's Cycle Approaching the intersection, the mother gently gestures to her offspring to hold...and checks the (right of way) road for (bicycle) traffic. All In An Afternoon's Cycle A split second later: yes, it's clear. All In An Afternoon's Cycle The girl needs to step it up a bit, while the conversation continues.. All In An Afternoon's Cycle ..and it eases even more on the way down. Time to adjust your earmuffs. Blast, that wind! Scene 2. Setting: on top of a brick bridge over a side canal of the River Amstel, not far from Skinny Bridge. Topic: interaction. One difference with Scene 1: the interaction is with me. All In An Afternoon's Cycle I see these two fellas approaching, one of them is ghost riding, a familiar scene in Amsterdam. All In An Afternoon's Cycle Just how familiar ghost riding is you see here: he spots me & makes the effort to wave at me. Not a wobble. All In An Afternoon's Cycle Then they start laughing. Probably at the fact that they can't figure out why on earth anyone would be interested in a taking a photo of them. All In An Afternoon's Cycle The boys continue, comfortably, in their natural habitat, and make an effort to entertain their audience. "Did you take that one? Did we do ok? Yeah? Cool." All In An Afternoon's Cycle And life goes on...

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