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If you're a subscriber to this blog you've possibly come to realize a few things. The Dutch really cycle a lot, they seem to do it effortlessly & they look good while doing it. I have some personal insights of what it's like to cycle abroad and have come to appreciate Dutch bicycle culture even more. Errandissimo It doesn't require great insight to see that the Dutch take cycling for granted. But I mean this in a good way: they don't think twice before hopping on their two-wheelers. I call it the endgame of a real successful bicycle culture. Not a subculture, not a cute afterthought, but an environment that enables & embraces cycling for everyone. Errandissimo Errandissimo Errandissimo In that context & of this blog, you'd also know that Amsterdamize is basically a visual celebration of this, without forgetting about the fact that it still takes a lot of work maintaining it, perhaps more so than actually getting to this point. We've come at a point where we're experiencing growing pains. Systemic lack of enough bicycle parking is one of them. Errandissimo Errandissimo Errandissimo All In An Afternoon's Cycle Getting to my point: integrating cycling in everyday life is not 'eco', 'green', about sustainability, or what not. Only of late, with confirmed data that says we've been living too large for our own good, everyone jumped on that bandwagon. Real sustainable far reaching measures probably won't see the (political) light of day until it's practically too late to implement to have any sort of effect. Meanwhile, we're pulling our hats over our eyes with this heap of greenwashing. To contrast this hype: the Dutch decided long ago that (besides it being practical, convenient and enjoyable & it needing to be safe & accessible at the same time) it was very much an economic decision. A societal investment for the long term, as it benefits all people, and above all: the economic benefits reach so many areas. I don't think I need to mention which ones. Or you can tell me one we might not have thought of, never know :). All In An Afternoon's Cycle All In An Afternoon's Cycle All In An Afternoon's Cycle All In An Afternoon's Cycle All In An Afternoon's Cycle Have a great weekend, y'all!

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