The bicycle - official vehicle of San Sebastian 2016

14/02/2011 13:37 by Sindandune

Top photo: 'Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian'. Courtesy (cc) of Fernando Arconada / The bicycle will be San Sebastian's official vehicle if designated European Capital of Culture for 2016. Orbea, a Spanish bicycle manufacturer, will participate with San Sebastian 2016 in projects combining business, culture, research, innovation and creativity, placing the focus on joint collaboration in developing new business and artistic initiatives. Mastiles y bicicletas
Photo 'Mastiles y bicicletas'. Courtesy (cc) of 'Bichuas'. I quote from the official press release:

For years now, San Sebastian City Council has been leading the way in sustainable mobility policies promoting the bicycle as a method of transport in its committal to a healthy city and lifestyle, values shared by Orbea and the cultural programme designed for San Sebastian 2016. This is based on the ability of culture to transform as an essential element for consolidating coexistence in European cities. San Sebastian also leads the way in the network of bike-friendly cities, an organisation fostering the use of this means of urban transport which contributes to developing strategies permitting public administrations to be more efficient in promoting bikes.

bike lane donosti_9162f
Photo 'donosti_9162f'. Courtesy (cc) of 'Rafa Espada'.Photo 'bike lane'. Courtesy (cc) of ' Mike_el Madrileño'. Donostia, as the city is called in Basque, has been indeed a pioneering city in Spain in terms of bicycle policies. Back in 2008 the city refurbished a 850m long old train tunnel as a bicycle path that links different parts of town. Here's a little video showcasing this fine example of bicycle infrastructure.

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