30 Out Of 365 Days

08/04/2011 17:10 by Amsterdamize

I like my Amstel rides. No, not the Amstel Gold Race, my Fr8 would be out of his league & element, aside from the fact that this event, ironically, takes place in the far south of the Netherlands. That, and this website is not of the lycra-persuasion. Instead, I'm talking about just hopping on and riding down the Amstel River in the middle of the week, checking out the terraces to see which one would facilitate our need to enjoy the early evening sun & some consequential beers the best.

Passing Rembrandt's House, he was nice enough to leave a bike path in his will... Joining the line at Meester Visserplein... Passing people on the Hermitage exit... Taking a gentile short-cut, avoiding the shade of Wibautstraat, merging at the Amstel waterfront... Looking right towards Skinny Bridge never fails... Crossing some streams of consciousness along the way... A bit of tunnel vision passing the Amstel Hotel... We found the perfect spot, the terrace of Cafe De Ysbreeker. We were hardly original, aka hardly alone...Still, we easily managed to grab the best spot. It's far from summer, so not much later it got chilly, pre-dinner drinks were over & we headed back. Nothing really beats this, right? I know! Cycling is great ;). In every single way. So, you owe yourself taking advantage of it, too. Not enough inspiration for ya? Then come on down the Twitter way, join the good folks of @30daysofbiking and many more people, who are sharing and celebrating this simple but most effective, convenient & fun piece of machinery. I think you get it by now: even when you ride alone, you ride together. Be very sure of that. Today, like other days, I hopped on again. And not because it was such nice weather. I had to get from A to B. It sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Never mind you missed out on a few days, hop on & embrace those rides. A Promising Day...

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