Fishing To Catch A Bicycle

14/07/2011 13:34 by Amsterdamize

My friend Suze paid me a visit this afternoon to catch up on things. As is usually the case, we sat at my window and watched the world go by, which is always interesting in the Red Light District. No exception today. Among other things, we witnessed a parked bicycle getting blown into the canal by the wind. A few hours earlier one of the renovators next door, who's been our temporary neighbor for some time now, had been hoisting materials up to the 3rd floor (video) (as it's often done in Amsterdam, known for its steep stairs), so I figured I could use the hook at the end of that rope to get the bicycle out. Suze said we should so do it, which was the last nudge I needed (on a rainy day), but in the end it didn't work out exactly that way...but either way, just watch what happened.

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