Utrecht Cycle Jive

19/08/2011 16:42 by Amsterdamize

On August 18th I had a meeting in Utrecht. As usual, I got there by train and I had brought my bike. Stepping outside Utrecht Central Station and riding towards the center is always a joy, despite the ongoing road works & the obstruction by the building sites. This video spans about 10 minutes of recording around the tip end of the morning rush hour. When I say 'rush hour' & 'Utrecht', you immediately think of Mark Wagenbuur's famous videos. He's done plenty of them, rain/snow or shine. This is no different. Just my drop in the media bucket of covering Dutch people on bikes. Going from A to B, conveniently. [Update] Can't believe I forgot to mention this. 'Speaking of the devil', Mark coincidentally happens to be IN this video, turning right on the bike path intersection after the first light, with the yellow/blue plastic bag hanging from his handlebar, 26 sec into the video. :)
PS: Utrecht has a bicycle modal share of 35% of all trips. Recently the city council voted on a new investments to raise that nr to 55% and reducing car use by 50% by 2025. This is no hogwash or PR spin. They really put their money where their mouths are. Why wouldn't they...funding of bicycle infrastructure & provisions has a real return on investment. It's an economic decision above anything else, with far-reaching positive effects, building a livable city.

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