The Bicycle Video Of The Year: Burn Cycle

28/10/2011 00:48 by Amsterdamize

I had first coined it The Bicycle Video Of The Century, but that was just my enthusiasm running wild. It doesn't matter. What it is: it's a gift from my best friend & creative genius Gabemac, a gift to me and all of you who follow and support Amsterdamize. Gabemac traveled to Burning Man and he came back with so much more than this video. Actually, he said: "Dude, this video doesn't really tell the whole story of Burning Man, it represents maybe 1% of what I experienced there. At some point I just had to put the camera away, it didn't do it justice." I believe him. But this 1% sure as hell gives a fine impression of what the 99% entails. Enjoy


I'm so going to Burning Man in 2012 and I'm bringing my bike.

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