Hurt & Heart

15/11/2011 22:26 by Amsterdamize

Going around Amsterdam it's not particularly hard to capture people on bikes. They are everywhere. They take it very much for granted (a point I've often made, but meant as a positive one, what I call 'the endpoint of building a bicycle 'culture', its nirvana) and I often have to take my time explaining my efforts to my fellow (and often puzzled) Dutchies when the subject comes up. 'Time' is the operative word here. If you take your time a little bit in Amsterdam, stop to smell the roses, if you will, you can witness all kinds of everyday, yet very entertaining scenes. The devil is in the details. Case in point: after crossing a junction to make good use of the beautiful fall light, I parked my bike and as soon as I looked up I hit the jackpot. A woman, nicely dressed for a chilly but warm enough autumn Saturday, her broken left arm in a sling, stopping at the light. It was clear she had been doing her shopping rounds around town, accompanied by her Jack Russell. 'Jack' was clearly loved and pretty excited as she rolled to a stop, leaning on the edge of the front crate.

Hurt & Heart

She laughed at him and said: "Easy, boy, be patient. Yeah, be patient!" The best guess then is that Jack just likes to move. Quick observers of this scene would just think he wanted to get out or that he'd be very close to leaping out. Not the case. He just wanted her to get going already. Check The streetcar..I mean the tram beside her was already accelerating, so she double-checked for green and off they went again. Go Time was the operative word. It all transpired in less than 30 seconds. The best 30 seconds of the day. Update: Xander of Toronto Cycle Style quoted it eloquently on Flickr:

Stop dog stop the light is red go dog go it's green ahead. Dr. Suess

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