Bicycle Tattoo

Today I saw this tweet fly by:   Laat vandaag je #fiets graveren tussen 10:30 en 15:30 uur op het Museumplein @stadsdeelzuid — 020Fiets (@020Fiets) July 24,


King of the world

A 9 Minutes 45 Seconds Street Sample

Yes, video-wise, I did one of the most boring and tried things possible: I filmed from one position, one angle and virtually real-time. Virtually, because I was doing it hand-held at first and then rested the camera on a


Groeten uit Amsterdam

BrooklynSpoke Does Amsterdam

Doug Gordon, one of New York's finest bike bloggers, author of BrooklynSpoke, was back in Amsterdam this week. We asked Mark Wagenbuur (of BicycleDutch fame) to join us on Saturday and roll around town. We got

Rise And Shine


Seasonal Flashback

It's only fair I post this, in light of Amsterdamize's many-times-over postponed relaunch. "Every disadvantage has an advantage", a line made famous once by a Dutch football player (the European Championships

Le Grand Depart

I enjoy the little details and extraordinary ordinary elements of life. Such as watching Lauren leave the house to go out on the town. By bike, of course. Bag in basket, undo the chain lock, take out the bag & put

The Dutch Issue

Yesterday my buddy & part-time co-author Álvaro and I met up at the Workcycles Octoberfietsfeest party (now I actually said 'party' twice in a row, but ok). He had just returned from Glasgow and he handed
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